We nurture future professional ballet dancers!
Do you want performance and to achieve
your true potential in ballet?

From 4 to 10 September 2023, from 10:00 to 16:00, La Sylphide Ballet Academy is selecting children for its academic ballet programme for particularly talented children aged 7 to 13.

Children will be admitted on the basis of a pre-selection, during which physical aptitude and potential for a career in professional dance will be assessed.

Admission criteria:

Level 1 – (7 – 8 years old): no prior training is required, the child’s physical qualities, musicality and potential to become a professional dancer are tested.

Level 2 – 3 (9 – 10 years old): children with at least one/two years of ballet experience are accepted and the audition consists of an hour of study with La Sylphide students.

Level 4 – 6 (11 – 13 years old): children with a minimum of three years of ballet (depending on the level at which they wish to enter La Sylphide Academy) are accepted and the audition consists of an hour of study with La Sylphide students.

La Sylphide Academy can offer you the extraordinary opportunity of a scholarship for the school year 2023-2024, if you have outstanding performance qualities.

To schedule your audition, please email us at: office@baletcopii.com or contact us via WhatsApp at: 0744580880


More details by WhatsApp: 0744-580-880 - Director Lorelei Bari

Registration conditions

Level 1 and / or 2 (one new group)

  • The age of Level 1 candidates must be between 7 and 9 years old.

  • Depending on the qualities and/or the previous training, the candidates can be assigned to Level 1 or 2

Level 3 (there are 2 vacancies)

  • The age of the candidates for Level 3 must be between 10 and 11 years old (it is mandatory that the students have studied at least one year of classical ballet)

  • Interested persons are asked to send an email to: office@baletcopii.com or to contact me via WhatsApp: + 40-744580880

  • The pre-selection will be held by the teachers of the La Sylphide Ballet School

  • The pre-selection will take place at the Ballet School from Părintele Galeriu Street no. 12-14

The study curriculum
includes courses for:
classical ballet taught in
Vaganova method,

contemporary dance,
character dance

La Sylphide ballet courses advantages:

  • Children have the opportunity to follow an intensive program with elite teachers

  • The curriculum after which the children work is a written program, in the Vaganova method, the well-known method of the Russian school

  • As in all professional schools, our program includes: hours of study, classical repertoire, character dance and contemporary dance

  • Professional dancer diploma awarded at the end of the study years, in partnership with the Choreographic Institute in Kiev, Ukraine

  • Participation in prestigious domestic and international competitions.

Prizes & Contests

We are proud of the awards obtained by our students at national and international competitions.