National and International Competitions

Over 20 years of activity, La Sylphide Ballet School students have won over 400 national and international awards such as: Youth America Grand Prix, Tanzolymp, European Ballet Grand Prix, Young Stars Ballet Competition, Dance World Cup, World DanceStar, Como Lake Dance Award, Vibe Wien, etc.

 Also, by participating in renowned competitions, our students have received scholarships at some of the most prestigious ballet schools in the world over the years.

Of these we will mention only a few: Vaganova Ballet Academy St. Petersburg, Bolshoi Ballet Academy Moscow, Paris Opera Ballet School, Berlin State Ballet School, Zurich Dance Academy, Joffrey Ballet Academy USA, Vienna Ballet Academy, Marseille National Higher School of Dance, etc.

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They fulfilled their dream

Mara Tudose

after more than 50 years, the only Romanian accepted at the Vaganova Academy Saint Petersburg

Mara Tudose

full scholarship at the Choreography Institute of Kiev

Deborah Ciuraru

scholarships to Berlin State Ballet School and English National Ballet School

Maria Popa

scholarships to the Ballet Academy in Zurich and to the Ballet Academy in Basel

Andreea Diana Ioniță

she was accepted as a student at Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden

Cosmin Marinescu

at 11 he received a full scholarship to the State Opera Ballet Academy in Vienna

Francesca Parcalabescu

at 12, she was accepted to the Ballet Academy in Zurich

Mara Tudose

at 12 she was accepted at the State Opera Ballet Academy in Vienna

Ana Beatrice Bodea

at 13, she was accepted at Bolshoi Academy Moscow, Staatliche Balletschule Berlin and at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Danse de Marseille.

Maria Ruxandra Bodea

at age 15, she was accepted to the University of Music and Ballet Munich and received scholarships to Joffrey Ballet Academy Chicago and Kozlova Ballet Academy, New York

Teodora Cojocariu

at 15, she was accepted to the Royal Ballet School Birmingham

Natalia Cîmpeanu

18 years old, she was accepted to the Royal Ballet Academy London

More than 300 awards

at national and international competitions