The course schedule is established by the school direction, depending on the specific needs of each group.

Punctuality is required. No delays allowed. For the good functioning of the school, for absences longer than a week you are required to present a medical certificate. If due to an unforeseen event the hours will not take place, the participants in the course will be announced in advance.

Parents will only participate in class hours in exceptional cases and with the approval of the teacher.

Equipment required:

  • Body in the color determined by the direction of the school
  • White tights
  • Flexible shoes

N.B. The bodies and hoses (as well as the costumes for the show) are obtained at a cost through the school management.

The cost of the equipment (as well as the costumes for the show) is borne by each participant in the course.

On the occasion of the Winter Holidays and at the end of each school year there will be a show. The costs related to their organization will be shared equally among all participating children.